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Curt, I am very thankful to GOD & your program for helping me modify my behavior. It has been almost 10 months since I came to your program. I have only had an occasional desire for a cigarette & the 1 time I did smoke, I did not want to again & did not feel like a failure because I did. My nicotine addiction was as severe as any alcoholic or drug abuser, I had tried smokers anonymous, patch,gum, you name it. I say, whatever it takes to get you off is worth almost any price. I don't stand in judgment at all, but hope anyone desiring to quit can find a way. I would love to come to any other seminars you ever offer. I like your style.

George W. Shaw
Dallas, TX, USA

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From: Sandra Jacobs
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 1:52 PM
Subject: Hypnosis to stop smoking

Dear Ben:
I just read today's column ( Dallas Morning News 5-25-00) & wanted to
respond to Anna, who was interested in quitting
smoking through hypnosis. My husband & I are living
proof that it works. It has been close to 3 months
since I was hypnotized & haven't had a cigarette, or
even a craving for one, period. My husband actually
quit about a month before I did. I have known many
people over the years who have tried it & the results
vary, it worked for some, & for others, it didn't. My
Dad was hypnotized many many years ago & is still not
smoking. I suggest to Anna that it is a gamble worth


From: Robert and Mary Jarboe
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 8:33 AM
Subject: Hypnosis to stop smoking - today's column

I urge you to give strong support for this route to quitting. It was instantly successful for both myself and my daughter. We did go to private sessions and it didn't last long and cost $500. We saw
Shawn Mash in Preston Center. When my visit to him was so successful, the Houston daughter flew up to stay with us for a week to see him. It worked equally as well for her.

I had feared I was a hopeless case. I did want very much to escape this unpleasant and unsocial habit but my hands lit up three packs per day of the long brown MORE weeds. I seem never to have smoked the entire cigarette. Just kept lighting them up.

At my first visit all seemed so over-simplified, and I never felt "hypnotized" so I started with no confidence at all. What the man said seemed downright inane. After that first session my husband and I walked to a cafe nearby for lunch--how would I do without lighting up? It was just a bit
uncomfortable for that first trial moment. I left with a tape of our session and was to play it as often as I felt need for it. I had planned something to keep myself busy through this week--I wall-papered the kitchen!

I was also given a small notebook in which to record the moments that were most difficult.
I NEVER had to make an entry! (This was so such moments could be dealt with in sessions)
Shawn Mash told me I would feel easy with myself, and I did That I would remain cheerful, etc.
And I did. (This amazed my husband, who had feared a Hell Week.).

By the end of the sessions I was becoming successful with self-hypnosis and I still use it to this day to get to sleep when wound up. "Place yourself, Mary, in a comfortable position and give yourself
permission to take an hypnotic rest....." For a long time I played the tapes at night for sleeping purposes. Then gradually grew away from them. They are still in my bedside table in the
event I need their calming effect.

It was the best $500 we ever spent, and at the cost of several cartons of cigarettes per week,
also very economical!

A year ago I enjoyed a laugh at myself. Pulled up to a stoplight and the man in the next car
lit up a cigarette. When his match touched the weed, I inhaled for him! That's the closest
moment I have had to being incurable.

Five years ago when my husband was in ER with a heart attack and I was asked to step out for a bit,
I stepped to the outside for fresh air. I thought about it being a moment for a cigarette but I
certainly didn't dwell on it. I was fully cured.

It remains a bit puzzling that the words coming from Shawn Mash seemed so over-simplified,
and yet they did their job! (I had expected something profound.)

.Perhaps unfairly, I would never urge anyone to try group sessions for the lesser cost

Grateful for hypnosis. Mary Ritchie Jarboe..

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