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A letter from

Curt Baggett, Cht

Certified Hypnotherapist

Re: How I can help you Quit Smoking using our on-line hypnosis program like I have guided thousands of others just like you... to become non-smokers in my live seminars for the past decade!

Dear Future Non-Smoker,

If you have made the decision that now is a good time to quit smoking, you have come to the right place. Using the powerful and proven methods of hypnosis, you can reprogram your mind and body to stop smoking permanently and painlessly! Furthermore, unlike other methods that you may have tried before, this method will help you stop instantly... with no anxiety, no withdrawals, and no weight gain!

Our trained and certified hypnotherapists have conducted over 1,000 separate seminars in over 52 different cities throughout the United States. While personally, I have lead over 10,000 people into changing their destructive habit patterns using these techniques since I started conducting Stop Smoking & Lose Weight Seminars in 1989. It has worked for thousands of others... it will work for you.

Now, the big drug companies that make the "patch" and other expensive stop smoking kits do not want you to know what I am about to reveal. And, naturally, the very rich tobacco companies want you to think cigarettes are a drug more addictive than heroin. They want you to believe quitting smoking has to be painful and a long drawn out process.

The truth is this... you can stop smoking in 90 Minutes just like thousands of others have - using hypnosis.

I want you to read the true testimonials of others, just like you, that have found success. We have worked with smokers ages 13 - 93.. and they stopped smoking. If you want to listen to the live seminar now - use Real Audio to listen and judge for yourself. (Click here to Listen, now)

"I've been a smoker since WW2. I didn't think it was possible to change a 55 year old habit in just 2 hours. But, Curt made a believer out of me... and a non-smoker. This decision may have extended my life another 10 years. I'm so grateful." Charles P. Douglas, age 75, Retired

While many people enjoy the one-on-one attention of an individual session, most people find the success they desire either by listening to the entire program on audio tape or attending a live seminar. What's more, an individual session with a trained hypnotherapist can cost over $250. It's not necessary to spend that much. Now, you can stop smoking with an investment of just 2 hours and $49.95. (That's less than two cartons of cigarettes in some states!)

When and Where is the next live seminar?

The next seminar is just a few mouse clicks away from being streamed onto your computer screen! We have captured the essence of our live seminars and even included a complete e-book (read by the author) to get you really excited about your decision to quit smoking. No matter where you live, you can begin the process in just a few minutes from now using the power of Real Audio.

What is my Free bonus for Enrolling Now?

If you enroll before the deadline, you will receive a free copy of the ground breaking Book "Lose Weight The Natural Way" In this book, The author describes the exact psychological process it takes to change your eating habits, motivational strategies, and help you lose weight using the power of your own mind.

Using the techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnosis, anyone can become healthier, thinner, and have more energy using this simple "all natural" mental process. It is an eye-opening revelation for people at all levels of health. Whether or not you want to lose five pounds or must lose 150 pounds..... this book is a must read for your health.

It is your free gift for enrolling now.

How to Get Started Today

Because of the unique advances in technology, you can begin the process of quitting smoking without ever leaving your home. We have uploaded the entire "stop smoking" course on the Internet for you to listen to at your leisure. Many customers have found that they have stopped smoking using justusing the on-line course and didn't even need to attend the live seminar.

So, not only will you get the book (pictured on the right side of your screen), but you will get two separate audio soundtracks that walk you through the process of guided visual imagery (hypnosis) that you can use all by yourself, immediately.

Both the Free Bonus Book and the on-line Hypnosis Stop Smoking Course will be available to you on-line using a password we provide to you once your enrollment has been processed. (This usually takes less than 12 hours.) All you have to do to gain access to the entire course is Real Audio Player, which is a free downloadable software and runs on any computer.

Enroll Me, Now

Again, if you enroll on-line you get both the entire on-line hypnosis course, the 10 Lies About Smoking e-book, The Weight Loss Book and Audio, and the live seminar...ALL... for the low price of just $49.95.

Plus, you get a our 100% written satisfaction guarantee.

If you have other questions that are not covered here, please read the FAQ page (frequently asked questions) or e-mail our office.

To enroll on-line, right now, simply press the "Enroll Me, Now" button above.

Remember, in order to get all these free bonuses and gain instant access to the on-line hypnosis program, you must enroll on-line using our secure credit card shopping cart because the system is totally automated to provide you maximum security and instant access!


Curt Baggett

PS. These audio programs are just as compelling and effective as my live seminars. What's more, you have a money back guarantee.. Please enroll today using the on-line enrollment form to insure your bonus items.

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