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The most common questions are answered in the one hour "lecture" by Curtis Baggett before the hypnosis program starts. Most people have false beliefs about what hypnosis is or "IF" they can be hypnotized. If your questions still are not answered after the one hour lecture, you are welcome to ask for a refund at that time. Most people find this is the most important part of the seminar. Here are the top questions and concerns that either prevents people from using hypnosis to stop smoking the first time.

Does it work for everybody?

In the past twelve years we have been helping people stop smoking, over 85% stop smoking or drastically reduce smoking after the first time through our program. We do recommend listening to the hypnosis track for reinforcement once in a while. The bottom line is this... if you are ready to stop, this will work. If you are not ready, your mind will override whatever "programming" hypnosis can provide. It "helps" you stop, it doesn't stop for you.

I don't think I can be hypnotized.

Scientifically, only idiots and mentally challenged people cannot be hypnotized. If you are reading this, you have the focus need to experience the state of mind called "hypnosis." Usually, the person with the "strongest mind" is the quickest to realize hypnosis can work for them, because they are still "in control" while they are changing beliefs about smoking.

Will I gain weight if this really works.

If you start to eat more food than your body needs, you will gain weight. The only people that gain weight are those that "substitute" nicotine air for fat based foods in their habits. You will be programmed to breath air and relax instead of eating. We also give you a WEIGHT LOSS program to support you in losing weight. Most smokers are overweight anyway, so the cigarettes are obviously NOT keeping you thin. The goal is to get healthy. Smoking is not healthy.

I don't ever want to "lose control" over my mind.

Most people remember every word during the hypnosis session. Your unconscious mind has a built in "security mechanism" designed to make sure you are not programmed to do anything that is unethical or bad for you. Usually, the person with the "strongest mind" is the quickest to realize hypnosis can work for them, because they are still "in control" while they are changing beliefs about smoking.

Hypnosis is against my religious beliefs.

Alpha is the natural "state of mind" that every human being passes through while going to sleep or waking up. Hypnosis is nothing more than a fancy word for keeping you in alpha because you are more receptive to positive programming. Unless your religion wants you to die of lung cancer, hypnosis is just fine. No references to any specific religion are part of our program.

Will I remember everything or will I be "blacked out?"

Most people remember every word during the hypnosis session. Unless your fall asleep, you will be alert, but drowsy during the session. If you do fall asleep, we recommend repeating the program.

What if it works, but then I start again a few months later.

First, define your definition of quitting. Anything over 21 days in a row forms a new "habit". So, if you stop smoking more than three weeks... you are a non-smoker. If you decide to start the habit all over again, that's your decision. If you do that, just listen to the program again. If it works once, it will work again for you.

What if it works, but I have a cigarette once in a while.

The purpose of this program is to give you control BACK to you. Many social drinkers and social smokers can go for months between "experiences." Once you 'break the habit', one cigarette here and there should just be a one time thing. Again, who is in control... you or the cigarettes? One night of smoking does not addict anyone.

How does the "money back guarantee" work?

We know you might have tried many things in the past to stop smoking. While we cannot guarantee your future behavior, we can guarantee our program is the best we can make it and it delivers everything we promised. We also realize that buying things on the internet can be less comfortable than buying a program from someone standing in front of you. For all those reasons and simple integrity... you have a money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our program (whether your stop smoking or not), you can have a 100% money back refund. All we ask is that you make your decision to keep the program within the first 45 days (otherwise, our accounting and sales records gets confusing.) The process for a refund is simple. Email our office with your date of purchase, name, and reason for requesting a refund. We will refund the same credit card used to make the purchase within 48 hours. No questions asked. So, really, we take all the "risk" and you can be a non smoker in less than two hours!

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